Updates since 12/21/20

Updates since 12/21/20

Well, in case you didn't notice, I am now on host number THREE. This site started on Geocities, but they crashed and burned. And now Webs.com has been bought out by Vistaprint and their free web service has been cancelled. So I'm here now. If you haven't updated your favorites yet, make sure you do so!

Well first off there is a new link on my front page for the new version of HeroQuest that's being released by Hasbro. If you haven't backed it yet, you need to! Go check it out HERE!!

I also got lucky enough to have someone play test a character I created a long time ago that no one had ever played, my Chronomancer. That being said I learned that one of the spells is BROKEN: Haste. I have modified the spell to make it less broken. You can see the changes here.

Nothing big. I just fixed some broken links and wanted everyone to know that I was still alive.

The prize for the best submission has been decided. Congratulations to Yegor Sadoshenko, who gets a free HeroQuest Dice Bag. Yegor actually sent me several different things, but I chose two of his monsters, the Lizard Man Archer and the Lizard Man Temple Guard. You can see those on my monsters page! Thanks to everyone who entered, and I'm sorry I only have one bag to give out. Thanks for making this a great 20 years, and here's hoping I'm around to celebrate 40.

For those of you who did not notice, this is year is my web site's 20th Anniversary, and I'm running a contest! I'm giving away a free HQ Dice bag. For details, you can click on the banner on the front page, or click here to go to the contest page.

I have updated my scenarios page again. I now have both the DragonLord quest pack and a stand-alone quest called "The Tombs of Draglamoor" which offers some really interesting play. If your Heroes choose to do so, they can actually ALLY themselves with the Orcs for this mission.

I also did just a touch of housekeeping. I rephrased the wording on the Ring of Phantom Form. The original wording was a little confusing, so I cleaned it up.

That's all for today. I hope to get some more quests up as things go on! Keep on Questing!!

For the LONGEST time I've been meaning to get this quest book uploaded to my web site... and I've finally done it. I would invite any and all of my HeroQuest fans out there to check it out here!! You WILL need some additional figurines to play it, including 8 Dragons and at least three Lizard Men. The map also features my Lightening Lizard pretty heavily as well as my Jabberwock. So check it out and feel free to drop me an email at pkbro (at) att (dot) net if you enjoy it!!

I also did a tiny bit of housekeeping. When I created the new Faerie Magic spell, I neglected to put how the monster defends in there. That has been updated.

I actually got someone to play test my "Seer" character and I discovered that I did not give the level 1 Seer ANY offensive powers at all, so I have fixed that. I also did the same thing to the Chronomancer, for the same reason. If you go to the Faerie Magic page and the Temporal Magic page you'll see two brand new level 1 spells. The Chronomancer got a DD & the Seer got a DoT. (That's "direct damage" and "damage over time" for you non-video game junkies out there.)

Today was a lot of housekeeping and I edited some spells. Basically I was trying to print out my entire Spellbook when I realized that there was some trouble with my Chaos Spells. FIRST OFF, I because I did not have my spells in alphabetical order, I wound up with two spells with the same name, "Warp". So I renamed one of the spells "Chaotic Perceptions". (Incidentially, the one I renamed was the one I got from J.D.) I then also edited the "Quick Sand" spell. It was set up such that you got one chance to defend the spell, and if you failed, it would eventually kill you. I have not changed that, but what I did do is write a rule modification that allows a comrade to pull you out of the quick sand, provided they skip their turn in order to do so. I also modified the "Command" spell, because I have a player character that can use Chaos Magic and in case they decided to use the spell against a boss monster I wanted the Boss Monster to have a higher defense.

I addition, I also modified the rules concerning the Spectral Chaos Warlock. Basically I have added a footnote to how to level up the Character. Again, I was working on my spell book and my focus was on the cost of spells. In other words, the other spellcasters, the casters of other classes, have to purchase their spells, where the Warlock is assumed to know the entire book. The limitation is that the Warlock can only cast 5 spells per game, and that's a HARD limit that cannot be increased, because to do so would drag the Warlock's mind back into Chaotic Servitude and would make him a monster again. So the Warlock, instead of increasing his manna, increases instead his resistance. It is possible this way to make the Warlock almost immune to Chaos Magic, given enough levels.

I also adjusted my monster page. I made sure that every monster that has a spell or special ability has, in the character description, a link to where you can find the details on that spell or special ability. I also--and this has to do again with the Specral Chaos Warlock--DELETED the Chaos Spell "Glance", mostly because there is no defense against the spell, and I did not want to create a defense for the spell. So rather than making it a spell the Warlock could not cast (the only spell he cannot currently cast is "Escape"), I decided instead to make it a special ability. If you go to my Character Specific Magic page, you'll see a lot more entries. I have added entries for the Dryad, Merrow, Undine, Medusa, & Spectre.

And lastly, I found several more spelling errors in my Faerie Magic spellbook. I think I fixed them all.

I've also finished my second Dragon Lord map, but I haven't uploaded it yet. I won't do that until I have them all finished... and as there is, I think, 12 of them, that's gonna take me some time to get them all digitized. I'll keep you guys in the loop.

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays!!

Today I made further progress on getting my DragonLord game maps up. As promised, the "Blue-Green" dragon is gone (it was dumb anyways) and the "Green" dragon has been updated with new specs, new abilities, and a new mini to go with it. You can go over to my monsters page you can see part of the changes. The rest of their abilities can be found here

I warned you guys that I was going to be doing some more recent updates... and I had a HUGE one today. If you will go over to my Monster page you will see that all of my monsters now have Map Icons!! YEA!!

Publishing these map icons is in preparation of me getting up my DragonLord maps. I already have one done, and I'm working on map number two. So hopefully I'll be able to get them up soon.

I am also going to be making some changes in the list of monsters. I am going to be getting rid of the "Green Dragon" and the "Blue-Green Dragon" that I currently have up and replacing them with a Blue, Green, Red, and Black Dragon.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You'll see that change up in a few more days.

I did make two very specific changes to my monster list, and these were changes that were long overdue. I made both the Undine and the Merrow "officially" Fey-kin. I mean, duh, they already technically were (especially the stupid Red Cap), but now I codified it in the rules.

That's it for today! Y'all keep questing!!

Sorry this page has been so quiet... but trust me, I'm still around. The site is very much alive. I just don't have that much to add anymore. Truth be known, I'm not playing that much any more.

I did a LOT of work today, but it was almost all housekeeping. The most important change I made was updating my email address to pkbro (at) att (dot) net. I have it phrased that way so that robots can't pick off my email address for spam quite so easily.

The other thing I did today was spellcheck... and holy crap do I need an EDITOR. I had spelling errors on almost every page. My favorite errors were "thier", "ignor", "insted", & "recieve". I also modified the spelling for one of my monsters, the cockatrice. I originally spelled it without the middle "a"--"cocktrice" instead of "cockatrice". "Cocktrice" is an acceptable alternative spelling, but I decided to go with the old school spelling.

You guys can also expect some more updates to be coming more common as one of my next projects... I'm going to see if I can't dig up my actual DragonLord maps to go with the scenarios I posted ten years ago.

Other than that, I just wanted to put up a personal note that I am still around. I don't know the date that I first started this website, but I do have a record of it's first update. The first update on this website was April 5th, 1998, so I'm calling that the website's "unofficial" birthday. That means on April 5th, 2018 the site turns 20 years old--which is in a little more than two years. If I'm still breathing in two years we'll have to do something special... some kind of contest or giveaway or something. I'll keep you guys updated on my idea generation.

Okay, as promised, I've done a MAJOR overhaul of my clerical magic system. Good news and bad news. First off, I have Nerfed the clerics. The only change I made to the shaman was to add to his psychological immunity. I didn't add to the ability or make him any more powerful, I just added the new psychological necromantic spells into the character description. The Narafan clerics, however, have been rather significantly changed. Gone is the Healing prayer. The healing ability is now codified into the character description. The Paladin heals once, the Monk twice, and the Priest three times. You can see that change here. I have also changed and added to my clerical prayer list... and there are WAY too many changes to explain them all. You'll have to go to the Prayers page to see all the changes. There are also some other minor modifications of the site, but they all have to do with the above changes. I also did a tiny amount of housekeeping, deleting some of the old "updated" and "new" graphics. I removed the "new" graphic a couple of Temporal and Chaos spells that I created over 2 years ago. Gees...

After some detailed talks with Maleficent, who created several of my Necromantic spells, I've decided to modify some of them, and add a few more. One of the most important changes is that "Devouring Dream" is gone and has been replaced by a spell called "Enslavement". All other changes are marked and can be seen here. ALSO for all you out there who are fans of my page, this is a note to tell you that I'm going to modifying my clerical spells sometime in the next few weeks. I'll put a notice up as soon as I get to it, so keep your eyes open!

For the first time in a LONG time, I've made a rather substantial update to my site. When J.D. first released his Heroquest II supplement, it included some necromantic magic. Originally, I didn't like it, so I did not include it, but it's grown on me. So now, finally, you can see my updated necromantic magic list. Many of you who come here from Old Scratch's Heroquest Forum will already be familiar with these spells. Many of them are a modification of some spells I got from a user on there called "Maleficent". All of these spells are marked and credit is given where due. To see my new spells, you can click here. I've also rearranged my magic page in order to include the new school of magic.

I updated a spell today. I was reading through my Faerie spells and came upon the Disguise spell, and I realized that the spell would allow a Seer to attack while disguised and this rankled me, so I've updated it to say that, while you can search for traps while disguised, any other kind of action would give you away, especially attacking. Also, the disguise fails if you take a Body Point of damage, like setting off a trap. You can see the modification here.

I made a very small but significant change on my armor section of the General Store/Armory. It involves moving at a standard rate while using plate mail. For some reason I had it to where you had to roll OVER your strength score. This helps lower STR characters and was not the intention. I have modified the rule.

Nothing but housekeeping today. I fixed a few grammatical errors.

Not much today, but I encountered a new house rule I thought was really awesome. It is essentially a way to create Wandering Monster patrols. I put it in my House Rules.

Okay, I think I'm done with my Druid rules for now. I got a new pack of familiars not too long ago and wanted to create rules for them. My familiars are pretty much mini driven, which means if I have minis for them, I want to have rules set up so that I could potentially use them. Any feedback is welcome. The easiest way to leave that feedback is to jump on Old Scratch's HeroQuest Forum. I've got a thread going on this subject: Old Scratch. You ought to check out the forum anyway. I really enjoy it. At any rate, I added some new familiars and changed the name of the "Golden Eagle" to the "Hawk". It had more of a fantasy feel to it. But you can check out those new rules here.

I have compiled all of my house rules and put them on one page. They can be found here. Most of these rules are not new, but I have put up some new darkness rules. These rules have always been implied by the lamp and torches in my General Store but I decided to actually put these rules down in writing to help clarify.
Also, I want to point out again the new Facebook "Like" button on my main page.

I've updated my Familiar rules for the Elven & Human Druids. You can find that rule update here. The intention is that, while you theoretically could build your Druid as a fighter, that's not the intention. It is the intention of the character type to increase power by getting either more animal companions or larger animal companions.

NOTICE--I have added a Facebook "Like" button to my page!! So Like it already!!
Also, it bears mentioning that, if you're a fan of this site, to keep your eyes on it for the next week or so. I have several new rules I'm going to post.

I added a new house rule page on leveling up the Heroes, which you can find here.
I also corrected some spelling errors, changing "Theif" to "Thief". Doh.

I've added two new spells. One Chaos Spell and a corresponding Temporal Spell. One spell essentially reverses the latter.

I also added a table to my Projectile Weapon Artifact page. It is at the bottom with the arrows. Whenever I gave out magic arrows, I gave them out in quivers, and I had a custom chart I used to give them out. I have now published that chart.

I have done some rather massive updates today, and I'm not going to take the time to link to them all. Essentially what I have done is this. I modified several of the characters. I modified some of the Dwarves. I modified several of the Elves, including editing the Elven race characteristics, and I even modified some of the Humans. The most visible changes I have made, though, you'll find on the Armory page. I've actually indicated which weapons are 1 handed and which weapons are 2 handed, and I put some rules up for changing weapons. The same changes I made to the general weapons I followed up on and made the same changes on the Artifacts.

I was a busy boy today.

Oh, and for the record, I have a new link up on my links page. I put it up a few days ago. It's for an online forum called "Old Scratch's HeroQuest Forum". It is my officially endorsed HQ Forum. Y'all check it out.

I've added two new links to my links page, and I've added two updates on my monster page. I made a pretty major change in the way Poison works. A big shout out goes to Biff on "Old Scratch's Heroquest Forums" (check out the new links) for all his help. Also, I've added a new Fire Elemental monster.

Okay, still working on my monster project, but I've made some headway. I have almost all of the images up. I also went through and updated all the images. I wasn't happy with the first ones. They were too small and blurry. Now I've corrected that.

I have three new monsters to add to the list. Hopefully I'll have time to get it all up in the next few days.

Two Updates in one day! Check out my monster page and go down to the Elemental Monsters. I've made a rather SUBSTANTIAL addition. I hope you like.

Still working on my monster project. I'm not happy with the images. I'm planning on re-taking them, but they'll be named the same thing, so the coding works. I'm planning on doing some editing of the monsters, some changing, but I'll get to that.

I've actually been busy. If you can believe that. I'm working on project number one, which is to get images of all the various minis I use, so you guys can see what I put on my board to represent my monsters. I've started the process. You can go to my monsters page if you want to take a look. Also you will see on the page that I've edited some of the monsters, and I've added a few others, most notably the Giant and the Troll. I have also taken the Troll out of the "Greenskin" category.

And, of course, the funniest thing is I forgot to mention the fact that this page is in a BRAND NEW LOCATION with a BRAND NEW HOST.

And I have to say that I prefer neocities.org over Geocities. It's a lot easier to use.

Good Grief. It has been 12 years since I started this page... and I haven't updated it in three years. Oh, well.

I updated the links page. With the exit of Geocities almost all my links are gone. I also updated the Body Armor page, giving the gold armor the same resistance as the gold shield. I have also updated my email address to my new address as well. I have also removed my sales page.

Updated my Links page. Added the Heroscribe link. Check it out! It's a great piece of software--even if a good bit of the site is in Italian.

Updated my Email address to heroquestelf (at) charter.net.

Updated my Email address to pkbro@hotmail.com

Updated my links page. Y'all go look-see what Althothothoth has done to his page. It's nifty. (Does that guy need any more "tho"'s in his name?)

Nothing really worth writing about: fixed the email address on my purchasing page, fixed a typo on the Prayers page (it's dIvine, not dEvine), and changed the starting weapon for one of the Elves. I switched the Archer from Shortsword to Shortbow. Now all Elven characters except the Druid and the Seer start with a bow.

Man, it's been a LONG time. The only thing to report is a change in my e-mail address. The heroquestelf@hotmail.com doesn't work anymore. You *can* reach me, however, at DruidCaller@hotmail.com. It may take me a while to respond, though. All my best!!

Nothing major, unfortunately. I've been busy. All I did was fix some coding typo's, but I fixed ALL of them. Several BOLDS, several underlines, and a few dead links now repaired. Enjoy. Specifically, I fixed the HQ2 link on my opening page.

I added a new link to my links page.

Nothing to write home about. I just fixed some typo's on the Armory page.

I'm sorry it has been so long since I've updated my page, but I've been busy doing the whole college things.. and believe me, term papers are the spawn of... well anyway. Take a look at my Human character page to see where I started. I've divided the Humans up into three categories: Magic Users, Non Magic Users, and Clergy. The reason I did this is because I have created a Pantheon of Gods for the HeroQuest world, and before any of you ask, NO, it is NOT the same as the Warhammer Pantheon. The reason I did this is because we now have a new Shaman character, a druidic priest. Not only that, but with that character comes a whole new set of Chants and Invocations which are comparable to the Prayers of the previous Clerical characters.

I also fixed a problem on the "Wormhole" Temporal spell. I had not thought about the fact that this spell could be used offensively, so I needed a defense to it, so it has been altered.

I keep meaing to get those Horde characters up on my page, but I have lost contact with the person who created them. If you are the one who sent me these characters, please e-mail me. I need to speak to you.

Well, that's about it for now. Enjoy!! And click on the GamesWorkshop Gateway link on my front page and rank my site!!

Would you like a FREE custom item? Go Here!! This is a limited time offer for my loyals out there as a big "THANK YOU!!"

Well, one of these days I'll actually get those Horde Characters published.. I promise I will...
Well, at any rate, if you can't tell what I've done today, then you must be half blind. I have pretty heavily revamped the opening page, my sales page, and this page. I will be working on the page on and off for the next few weeks, so if it looks different every time you pull it up, don't be surprised. I'm known for experimenting. I've changed it about three times just today.
Other than that, I have the new Games Workshop Gateway review form on my front page. Boy, is that thing a pain in the ass. It wouldn't be so bad if it were not so HUGE. Oh, well. Do go and rate my site if you would. I would really appreciate the feedback!!

Before you ask, no, I have not finished the Horde characters. What I did do is update my links page. Y'all do me a favor. All of you go over to the Games Workshop Gateway site and make me #1!! If you can't do that, then at least hit the "Rank Me" link on my front page. It will only take a second, and it would mean the world to me! Thanks!!!

Nothing much today. I'm still working on the Horde characters. All I did was upgrade that new link from one to three stars. Go take a look at it. It is well worth your time. It is developing very quickly. You can tell them that I sent you to it first!!

I added another new link to my links page. I hope you enjoy. I should get my new monsters up soon, so check back. You guys are going to love them!!!

I added a new AHQ link to my links page. Go take a look see.

Wow. I've been busy lately, haven't I? Nothing to brag about today, but I made a slight alteration to my sales page. I'm going to be out of commision for about two weeks, then I should start putting up new stuff again.

I'm not going to bother to tell you what I did today, because you wouldn't believe it. Just go here and see.

I updated my links page again today. Bravo Dewayne.

I worked on my links page today. I added two new killer links and added a rating system. Hope you enjoy it!!

Fixed "The Miniatures Page" link.

Well, after a long run, the auction is over and I'm back to business as usual. I've got a request. If you are one of my "fans", i.e. if you check this page more than once a month, give me some feed back. I get a mail occasionally from people who read my page on a regular basis, but not as much as I'd like. Send me some mail and let me know if there is anything you'd like to see me do in the future. Thanks for your support!!

Updated auction. Go here for that.

Updated auction. Go here for that.

Updated auction. Go here for that.

I updated the auction. Go here for that.

I added six new Earth Spells. I think you folks are going to like them. I was tired of the Earth Spells always pulling up the rear, so I tried to create some powerful ones. Go to the Elemental Spells for that. I also updated the auction. Go here for that.

Updated auction. Go here for that.

Updated auction. Go here for that.

Updated auction. Go here for that.

I did two things today. I updated my auction , and I added a brand new page. The page is located somewhere on my page via a hidden link. If you find it, congratulate yourself!! I wrote these new characters and artifacts for a friend of mine, and they are intentially EXTREMELY powerful as beginning characters. Happy Hunting!!

I updated my auction today. Check here for that. I also created a new "event". Go here for that.

No action on the auction today.

Well, those of you not participating in the auction will be happy to know that I actually added some new schtuff to my page today. I added a new artifact, go here for that and look for the armbands. I also edited the magic potions. I have had some complaints that they are too simple, so I've put in a little variety. Also, I've added a new subsection. It is full of traps and new scenarios. Check it out! Go here for that.
In addition, I have updated the auction. Go here for that.

The bids have been raised. Go here for that report.

As of today, the bids have not changed. Nothing to report, really.

I must apologize to you folks. I have been trying to log on and update the auction every two days, but you know how life is sometimes. There are some new bids. Check here for that.

The auction is going slowly. Right now the current bid for the original HQ set is at $30.25. I'm asking that future bids be made in even dollar amounts. I have no bids on "Kellar's Keep" or "Return of the Witch Lord" yet.

Right now, the auction has not changed. I have an opening bid of $30 for the original box set, and no bids on the expansions sets yet.

As promised, my auction update. Right now I only have one participant, and a starting bid of $30 for the original HQ set. I also fixed a little glitch on my Advanced Characters Page. I put back up the link to the Cyborg Tables Page.

Good news for those of you with an incomplete HQ set. I have recently been authorized by a vendor to auction off a HQ set and two of the expansion packs! For more details, e-mail me or click here!

Fixed my Advanced Characters page, and put the familiars on a separate page. Click here for them.

Don't try to go to my Advanced Characters page. It's FUBAR'ed. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Today I was busy again. I added a lot of new Elemental Spells, as well as doing some editing to them and some of the Chaos Spells. I also added a web counter, and a few new links.

I added all sorts of schtuff today. I added a whole slough of new Temporal Spells, as well as a whole bunch of clerical artifacts. Check out the polearms category, there is a hammer and a staff. Also see the Body Armor, there is a new cloak. I also created a headpiece called the "Clerical Circlet". Go here for that. Also, I added a few new gems to my Wand Gems. That's about it for today. Sorry I haven't done anything in so long.

Made a slight change to the Bracelet of Animal Control. Go here for that.

I added a whole new slough of familiars to the advanced characters page. So for those of you who play the Druid, you now have alot more selection, although I would advise working your way up to the larger ones. I also have some ideas about advancing the Dragonet, but I'm only gonna give that out via E-mail. (nah-nah)

Aaron (KASA15), click Here.

Fixed Armory. Crossbows and shortbows can't shoot adjacent. "DOH!" Edited Potion of Greater Healing. The shock roll should be lower, not higher.

I was a busy HeroQuestin' Dude today. I added some new potions to my Artifacts page. I also added some of the Alchemist's components to the armory, as well as making a whole new section, the Alchemist's shop. This includes a lot of the "Milton Bradley" potions, etc. Oh, and please note the changes to the "Pure Potion" and the "Venom Antidote". This should help avoid confusion in the future.

I created a new character today, with inspiration from Karnov. I created an alchemist character who has the ability to actually create potions from scratch. Cool, huh? Go HERE! to see that.

I'm not going to go into great detail on today's changes, but suffice to say that if you check out the spells, you'll see the changes. After some long consideration, I decided to add the Milton Bradley orginal spells to my page. I also edited several of the spells so that the room spells became "area affect spells" (i.e. you can use them outdoors). You can check out the Spells & Prayers for that update.

Well, considering I changed the Manna system about a month ago, I figured it was about time I changed the Artifacts to reflect that. *sighs* You can go here for that.

I fixed a typographical/technical problem with the Dwarf, concerning his ability to disarm traps. "DOH!!" I also fixed a typo on the "Haste" spell in the Temporal Spells, as well as upping the Manna rating on the last one.

Whooo!! I was busy today!! I added a new character, the Chronomancer, see the basic characters for that one. I also added his magic, Temporal Magic, which, with the exception of three spells, I got from Karnov. I also added a new rule page for Fate Points and Hero "Feats". Go here for that. In addition to the "Feats", I added the Feat tech spec to every character I have. Most of these are from Karnov, but we differ on the exact numbers on many of the characters. Um... I think that's it....
Oh, and Cece, go here, there's a little something for you!!

I added a new page on my links pge. It's a link to Karnov's HQ site. If you are as big of a fan of this game as I am, this page demands your attention. Alot of the schtuff is mine and J.D.'s, but there is a lot of new schtuff as well. I have put it #1 on my links page, so go see it!!! And tell Karnov I sent you!!

I added a few new links on my HQ Links page. Go take a look!!

Today I made some changes with the magic users. I recommend that all my folks check out my Basic characters, especially the Mage, or what was previously the "Fire Mage". That will give you a good idea where I started. The next place you need to look would be the Elemental Spells. I have now added costs not only to the casting of spells, but to the learning of spells. When you get done there, you can check out the Bard Songs and Faerie Majik. You'll see similiar schtuff there.

I changed the "quick Strike" ability on the cat now that I have altered the thief.

Just some basic housekeeping today. I added a Manna rating to the Bard (which was supposed to have one in the first place), and I fixed a typo in the Dwarf description. The Dwarf is not a cat, I realized. I have also added a page for all you folks who keep e-mailing me about the purchase and sale of HeroQuest stuff. You can go here for that.
Oh, and JustDragon, I tried to e-mail you back, and you apparently have an e-mail block up!!

I added two new monsters, the Chaos Cat and the Mystletok (Goblin Shaman). I also changed the Waaagh! magic by taking the word "Mysteakoil" out of the spells, so both the Mysteakoil and the Mystletok could cast the same spells.
I also changed the Thief and gave him an actual "Backstab" ability! Thanks, Tolltaker!! You can see this change here!

I added a new college of magic, Waaagh! Magic. You need to take a look at the monsters page too, because it explains further how the "Waaagh!" is used. Also, you'll notice that I changed some of the monsters specs. to make them more difficult, plus I added a few. Which ones, you ask? Go Look for yourself!! I also added a new specific spell, and by clicking on the "*" when you find them will show you that spell. Rock on Buck-a-roos!

I added a new page to put up my new HeroQuest links. You can see it Here!

Whoo, I was busy today. I added all sorts of schtuff for you happy people. I added four new Faerie spells: Regeneration, ShadowStrike, Faerie Lifeforce, & Elixir of the Fey. I added two new weapons to my blades artifact page, the "Ice Brand Shortsword, and "Orion". Also, I put up a link to my homepage on the main page, and I made a slight change on the misc. Artifact armor page. You will now noticed that there is a category called "Bardes". This is horse armour, meant to be used by the Unicorn. I have two separate pieces of armor, the headpiece, which was formerly called the "Faerie Barding", has been renamed to give it a more accurate title. It is now the "Faerie Chamfron". I also have a new piece called "The Crinet of Charlemange". Chamfrons are horse helmets, and crinets are horse armour designed to protect the neck.

I put a explaination of the venom of the monsters on the monsters page. That should help people understand it.
Fixed a gross error in my Armory. Please, folks, if you are using *my* armory, go see the changes. It affects the whip, morning star, and battle hammer. Thanks Garrett!!

I fixed a coding typo on the Cyborg Tables page.
I have changed my e-mail address because my HeroQuest schtuff was filling up my account. My new address is HeroQuestElf@hotmail.com. My old address, forne@hotmail.com, is still active, but it is reserved for personal mail unrelated to HeroQuest. Also, as a side note, if you are a HeroQuest fan and are not already on the HeroQuest E-Newsletter, you may be added to the list by mailing ChaosOrc@aol.com, and he will be happy to add you to the list.
I have also added a new weapon. It is called the "Mace of Order". You can find it on the Polearms & Hammers Page. Enjoy!
The Scenario page is now done, and as such, so is the page!! Feel free to e-mail me with comments, and enjoy!!
The Artifacts page is now FINISHED!!! My next project will be to get some scenarios up for you happy people. I also put some new weapons in the polearms category and the blades category. Check'em out!! ROBSTER CRAW!!!!

Got the artifacts page up and running. It ain't completely finished yet, but you can take a look see at artifacts.html!!!
New Faerie Spell, "Shatter". See Faerie Majik for that update!!
Have an idea you can't get to work? Check my Custom Items page!
Also, for those who are interested, I have finally started work on my Artifacts page. I hope to have it up and running soon. Thank you for all your letters of support and curiosity. Please, if you have any questions or comments, please write!! My address is forne@hotmail.com!! Thanks!!

New Bard songs!! See Bard Songs for that update!!
Edited Druid character--did a little revision and fixed a few typos. You can check the Advanced Characters if you're interested.

New Prayer, "Sanctuary". See Prayers fot that update!
New Fire spell, "Wings of Flame". See Elemental Spells for that update!
New Faerie Spell, "Burnished Gauntlet". See Faerie spells for that update!

New Armory/General Store!! See Armory for that update!

New Monster List!! See Monsters for that update!


Changed Character setup. See the characters for that update.
Added new character, "CYBORG". See the advanced characters for that update.


Changed ability of Rat from "Rooting" to "Rat Pack".
See advanced Characters for that update.


Changed annoying backgrounds all around.


Added new Water spell, Liquify.
Fixed typo in "Oubliette".
See Elemental Spells for those updates.


Added new Familiar for Druid, "Giant Rat".
See the advanced characters for that update.

Added new Prayer, "Order".
See Prayers for that update.

Added a new Earth spell, "Oubliette".
See Elemental Spells for that update.

Added new Faerie Spell, "Flock Of Doom".
See Faerie Spells for that update.