Waaagh! Magic
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Waaagh! Magic

Waaagh! magic is unlike any other magic, in that it is self-generated by greenskins (Goblins, Orcs, & Trolls). Each greenskin generates a certain amount of Waaagh! The greenskin shamans, the "Mysteakoils" & "Mystletoks", have learned how to harness this power. When casting Waaagh! magic, the shaman adds up the amount of Waaagh! power being generated by those greenskins around him in combat. He may then use that power to cast spells. You may find more information on the Waaagh! magic by going to Ng Kai Teck's web page. All the initial information and inspiration for all these spells came from his Tome of Magic.

Kunfuse 'Em!
Power required: 4
The Shaman chooses any one target within a 6 space radius that he can "see" and rolls 1D6. If he rolls higher than that Hero's Mind Points, that Hero temporarily forgets where and who he/she is and may not perform any action on their next turn.

Help Dem!
Power required: 5
All greenskins within a radius of 4 spaces get an extra attack on their next turn.

'Ere We Go!
Power required: 6
The Shaman floods all greenskins within a 6 space radius with power, upping them by 1 Combat die in both attack and defense. Effect lasts for as long as the Shaman is alive.

Gaze of Mork!
Power required: 7
The Shaman sends out a beam of destructive energy in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. The beam will travel in a straight line until it strikes a wall or closed door. Anything in its path suffers 1D6 Body Points of damage.

Fist of Gork!
Power required: 8
The Shaman inflicts 6 hits on all Heroes adjacent to him. Heroes defend as usual.

Brain Bursta!
Power required: 9
The Shaman chooses any one target he can "see" and causes a bolt of power to erupt from his head. The Shaman then rolls 1D8, and if the total is higher than the Hero's current Mind Points, he rolls 1D6: 1)Hero's head explodes, killing him instantly; 2-5) Hero suffers 1D6 wounds; 6) spell fizzles out, no damage.

Mork Save Uz!
Power required: 10
The Shaman rolls 1D6 per each spellcaster within a 6 space radius of him. On a roll of 5 or 6, the "Waaagh!" energies of the Shaman interfere with that spellcaster's manna, preventing them from casting spells for 1D6 turns, or until the Shaman is dead.

Da Krunch!
Power required: 11
All Heroes within a 6 space radius of the Shaman are crushed by the Mighty foot of Gork and lose 1D10 Body Points.

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