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Faerie Spells

Spell Colleges: The spellcasters have devoted at least part of their lives to the magical arts. At the beginning of the game, it is assumed that they have a certain number of spells already learned that they don't have to pay for. I recommend the D.M. give each magic user a certain amount of credit to spend on spells. For Elves and Mages, I recommend 150 gc (Gold Coins), and for Wizards and Seers I recommend 450 gc. They may then cast any spell in their repertoire as many times as their manna will allow them to. Spell costs are indicated beside the manna rating of each spell.

4 Manna Points: 50gc
Glimmer (1)

The caster summons a shimmering light that surrounds his/her body, illuminating a radius of two spaces, and cancels the effect of any darkness or darkness magic cast in the vicinity of the caster. The glimmer lasts for 1D6 turns.

Gossamer Wind (2)
The caster causes a soft fluttering wind to blow in one direction that he/she decides. The wind will defeat any missile weapon or spell (except lightening) fired against the direction of the wind (or within 45 degrees of it) for two turns.

Glimmer Bridge
This spell creates a magical bridge which will suspend no farther than 2 spaces. It can be used to freely cross pit traps--etc. The bridge will last for three turns, at which point the bridge will disintegrate, and anyone standing on the bridge will fall. The bridge can be used by both Heroes and monsters.

Faerie Dust (3)
The caster releases a handful of sparkling magical sand that causes him to become invisible to all creatures for 1D6 turns. The invisibility is complete, and not even the Wizard's "Magical Sight" will reveal the caster.

This spell may be cast on any one hero, including yourself. The recipient of this spell will regenerate 2 lost Body Points of damage for 1D6 rounds. This spell will not give a Hero more than his/her starting number.

This spell causes multiple images of the spellcaster to appear, giving the caster 3 extra defend die. The ruse lasts for 2 turns.

Seer's Eye

This produces an undetectable, floating, invisible eye which is remotely controlled by the spellcaster. The eye moves at a rate of 2D12, and lasts for 1D6 turns. It may pass through characters, but not solid objects (doors & walls). It will also allow you to search occupied rooms for traps and secret doors.

This spell may be cast on any one hero, including yourself. This character on their next turn may teleport anywhere they can "see", perform an action, and return (max. distance 15 squares- one way).

Wyrding Touch
By harnessing the natural forces of life and death, the spellcaster summons a wilting energy to surge into their finger. The caster then need only touch an adjacent monster to do 1 Body Point of damage. The Monster gets 1D6 per Body Point to defend, and they defend by rolling a 6. If they do not defend, the spell continues to do damage at the rate of one point per turn until the monster defends or the monster dies.

8 Manna Points: 100gc

This spell will destroy one regular skeleton, mummy, zombie, or phantom. It will also do one Body Point of damage to Undines, Medusas, & Banshees, and will cause 2 Body Points of damage to a Spectre.

Burnished Gauntlet
A burnished gauntlet appears in thin air and may be sent to strike one character the caster can "see". When struck, the caster rolls 1D6 for each Mind Point, and the victim rolls 1D6 for each Body Point. If the victim's roll is higher, the spell is ineffective. If the caster's roll is higher, the victim is rendered unconscious and may not move, attack, defend, or cast spells for 1D8 turns. In the event of a tie, the dice are recast.

Faerie Lifeforce
This spell causes all heroes the caster can "see" to light up with a dull pink light. This power heals 1D8 Body Points of damage per character, but will not give a Hero more than his/her starting number.

Flitting Shadoes (4)
The caster summons a horde of flitting shadoes to appear in the peripheral vision of a target in the caster's line of sight. The target is thoroughly distracted, and makes all attacks with one die only, and defends with one die only. The spell lasts for 1D6 turns. Characters defend by rolling 1D6 per Mind Point. On a roll of at least two 6's, the spell is defended.

This spell conjures up 3 magical missiles, which may be fired at any target the caster can "see". The missiles cause 3 Body Points of damage. The character rolls 3D6 to defend, and for each 5 or 6 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

Sarnac's Magic Blade
This spell creates a 4 ft. long blue magic sword from the magician's outstretched hands. This weapon lasts for 1D8 rounds, and when using this weapon you roll 5 combat die to attack. You may attack diagonal also. You may also attack immediately.

This spell covers each magic user in the spell caster's party with an aura which will double the effect of the next spell cast. When AfterClap is cast, the spell caster rolls 1D6, and the spell is successful on a roll of 3+. If the spell is defendable (attack spell), then the undefended damage is doubled.

Restore Mind
This spell may be cast on any character, including yourself. It's magical power will immediately restore up to 4 Mind Points, but does not give a character more than his/her starting number.

This spell will allow the spellcaster to take on the shape of any humanoid monster or character that the spellcaster has seen that game. None of the caster's spells, points, or actions are affected. Only a creature with over 5 Mind Points can see through the disguise. Characters with 5 or more Mind Points defend by rolling one combat die per each Mind Point over four. By rolling a black shield, the character sees through the disguise. A disguised character may search for traps in an area with monsters, but searching for treasure, attacking, or casting any kind of offensive spell will cause the disguise to immediately fail. The disguise will last for 5 turns or until the character takes at least one Body Point of damage.

This illusionary spell causes all monsters in the same room with the spellcaster to become confused, and will attack whatever is closest to them. This spell may be broken on a future turn by rolling 1D6 for each Mind Point. If a 6 is rolled, the spell is broken.

Prismatic Spray
This spell summons up a beam of energy which may be cast on any character for 2 Body Points of damage. The beam may be defended by rolling a 5 or 6 on 2D6. Roll 1D8 for effect:
1: Red=Fire
2: Orange=Maelstrom
3: Yellow=Lightening
4: Green=Poison Gas
5: Blue=Ice
6: Indigo=Holy Water
7: Violet=Acid
8: Multi-Hued=Double Damage, Reroll twice (or until 2 different colors are selected.)

12 Manna Points: 200gc

This spell causes a magical hedge to grow from the floor to the ceiling. The hedge can be used to block or surround. The hedge will fill up 1D10 connected spaces, and each square is alive. If a character stands adjacent to the hedge, it will attack, throwing thorns worth 2 Combat Die. Each square of hedge has 2 Body Points, and defends with 2 combat die. A character may not see or pass through a square with a hedge on it until is it destroyed.


This spell summons up a swarm of hornets who will do 3 Body Points of damage to all characters in the same room as the spellcaster (or within a three space radius outdoors). All victims immediately roll 3D6. For each 1 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

Eerie Song (or Song of the Sidhe) (5)
The caster calls for the mournful song of the Lost Faerie. All characters within earshot of the caster will remain rooted to the spot for 1D6 turns.

Tinkling Laugh (6)
This spell causes a musical laughter to erupt from any space within his line of sight. The monster closest to the laughter is diverted from his current path and is drawn to the space designated. When the monster arrives at the space, the spell is broken, and may behave as normal.


This spell is cast on any one item containing silver. This item will then function temporarily as a "Spell Ring", being able to absorb the effects of one spell cast upon or around the character holding the item. Absorb lasts only one game.

Tanookie (or, "Let's hope Nintendo doesn't sue me!")
This spell will allow the caster to transform him/herself into a statue for 1D6 turns. The spellcaster cannot move or attack, but spellcasting ability is not restricted. The spellcaster's defend is tripled to both attacks and spells, and the spell may be voluntarily ended at any time.

Majik War Paint
This spell calls up a small vial of majik war paint, which the caster may use upon themselves, or one adjacent character. This majik paint turns the user into a berserker, giving them 2 extra attacks per turn and 2 extra combat die in both attack and defense. Spell lasts until the character can no longer "see" a monster.

Sunburst (7)
The caster causes a brilliant flash of light to emanate from his/her hand. This flash causes all characters facing the caster within four spaces to miss one turn while they regain their sight. The flash is also quite warm, and will do one Body Point of damage to any character standing within one space of the caster.

Warp (8)
The caster causes one character's perceptions to become completely warped for 1D6 turns. The target must be within sight of the caster when the spell is cast. The target moves in a random direction each turn (roll 1D4, 1=N 2=E 3=S 4=W) and does not attack until the spell is broken. Characters defend by rolling one combat die per Mind Point. By rolling 2 black shields, the spell is broken.

Mornac's Starblades
This spell creates 1D6 magical star-shaped blades. These blades act as "Magical Throwing Daggers", doing 1 Body Point of damage to any character in the caster's line of sight automatically. The blades last 2 rounds per blade created. One blade can be thrown per round, and one may be thrown at the moment of casting.

16 Manna Points: 400gc
Blade Dance

This spell, when cast on a weapon, will allow that weapon to attack on it's own. The spell requires at least 16 Manna Points to cast, and may be used indefinitely, provided the caster expends another 4 Manna Points for each turn he or she wants the spell to continue. The blade will attack any one target the caster can "see", or the strongest monster in the room, at the caster's discretion.

Flock of Doom
This spell summons up a flock of birds which attack every character in the room with the caster (or within three spaces outdoors), doing 5 Body Points of damage. Each character then rolls 3D8, and for each 7 or 8 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

This spell simultaneously crystallizes and shatters one target the caster can "see", instantly killing it. Victims defend by rolling 1D8 per each Body Point. On a roll of 8, the spell is defended.

Auralon's Deflective Plates
Casting of this spell creates 2+1D4 glowing, circular plates which surround the caster. Each plate gives the caster 1 extra combat die in defense. The plates last one round per plate +1D4.

20 Manna Points: 800gc
Elixir of the Fey

This spell conjures up a vial of magical liquid that can be used in 2 different ways. When given to a living character, it automatically restores *all* wounds. When given to a dead character, it will restore them to 1 Body Point.

Summon Faerie Ring
This spell summons up a ring of mushrooms around the caster, putting them in a ring of power. All effects any following Faerie spell are doubled, and the effects of any Chaos spell are halved. Attack and defend are unaffected. The spell is broken the moment the caster moves.


The first note I want to make before I start is that one of the changes that I have made to all of J.D.'s originals is that I have put manna values to them. Also, whenever applicable, I have used the terminology of 1D6 to indicate the roll of 1 "red die", which is the same as a D6.

1. A little rewording, no real difference.
2. Only change is that the spell now lasts for 2 turns.
3. No changes.
4. I upped the defendability of this spell.
5. I made the spell undefendable for ALL characters, and I placed it in Bard terms, i.e. "earshot". *see Bard.
6. No change.
7. No change.
8. I put the defense in the wording of the spell.

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