Necromantic Spells
Tome of Magic

Necromantic Spells (*)

‡ Resuscitation
The Sorcerer can cast this spell during any character‡s turn on a Monster who has just been slain. Necromantic energies then flow through the corpse of the Monster and it can immediately rise up off the ground and attack the character it has been killed by. The Monster remains on the board but is considered an Undead Monster with 0 Mind Points. This Sorcerer may not attack or cast a spell on his next turn.

‡ Coat of Darkness
The Sorcerer who casts this spell wraps himself up in deep magical darkness, and will be protected against any spell cast against him until the next turn. Furthermore, any character who tries to cast a spell ‡ even spells not targeting the Sorcerer ‡ have to roll a Combat Die. Rolling a Black Shield causes them to lose one Mind Point until the end of the game.

‡ Mist of Despair
The Sorcerer summons a mystical mist that envelops one character, causing him to fall in a helpless fright. This character will be terrified of‡and be unable to melee attack‡any Undead monster, including the caster. The spell lasts until the character can no longer ‡see‡ any undead. Spell casting and ranged attacks are unaffected.

‡ Cloud of Ashes
This spell allows the Sorcerer to summon a magical cloud of black ashes that will fill in the room or passage. For the next two turns, the characters will not be able to cast any spell targeting a Monster.

‡ Impious Regeneration
The Sorcerer, who casts this spell, calls upon necromantic energy to regenerate his fouled flesh. While under the effects of this spell, the Sorcerer defends with White Shields, and for each PAIR of White Shields he rolls when defending, he regains 1 BP. The Sorcerer rolls a Defend roll every turn even if he is not attacked. The spells lasts n turns, n being the number of Body Points the Sorcerer had lost when he casted the spell. The Sorcerer CAN exceed his starting BP with this spell.

‡ Blood Lust
This spell causes on monster to immediately rush to attack the closest character it can ‡see‡. If it harms a character, it can attack another adjacent character. If no character is adjacent, it may use its standard move, but it loses one Body Point. The spell must be cast on a monster with at least 2 Body Points left.

‡ Enslavement
The Sorcerer may cast this spell on a character, making his mind plagued with chaotic lure and evil thoughts. This character rolls 2 Combat Dice and loses 1 Mind Point per Skull. Also, if they roll a Black Shield, they lose their next turn and their body falls under the Sorcerer's control for one turn. The Sorcerer gets then to move them as if they are a monster, performing a full turn. The Sorcerer my perform any physical action, from movement to attacking, but may not cast spells.

‡ Death Howling
The Sorcerer screams an obscene and eerie invocation in an ancient tongue that renders all of his undead minions really tough. Until the end of his next turn, all the regular undead monsters in the same room or passage gain one extra Combat Die in attack and two extra Combat Die in defense.

‡ Devouring Blade
This Spell allows the Sorcerer to endow the weapon of a Monster with chaotic energy, making it able to give its wielder the life it takes from its victims. When this Monster attacks, however many Body Points of damage it causes are transferred to the Monster. This spell must be cast on a monster holding a weapon.

‡ Black Stigmatization
The Sorcerer provokes degeneration and bruises the flesh of all the characters present in the room. Roll 8 Combat Die, and the characters potentially, collectively, lose as many BP as you roll skulls (=X). The closest character to the Sorcerer should roll 1 Combat Die for each BP they currently have, and for each Skull rolled, they lose 1 BP. The next character to suffer from the spell should roll 1 Combat die for each BP they have, and for each Skull THEY roll, THEY lose 1 BP. This continues until either all characters in the room have been affected or all Body points to be lost (=X) have been meted out.

‡ Recall of the Damned
When this spell is cast, roll a Combat Die for each Undead monster in the same room as the Sorcerer. For each monster that you roll a Skull on, if the Monster is killed in the next round it will be called back to Unlife by the caster‡s necromantic will. Place all the reanimated miniatures on the squares they occupied. They cannot move or attack until their next turn.

‡ Tough:
When this spell is cast, the monster is filled with Necromantic energy, making it stronger. If the Monster fails to roll a single Black Shield when defending, it can re-roll two additional Combat Die.

‡ Fearsome Countenance:
This spell causes the Undead monster‡s eyes to glow and causes it‡s hands and weapon to drip with blood. A character must roll a regular die before attacking a Fearsome Monster. If rolling 5+, he may attack as normal. Otherwise, he most roll two less Combat Die than usual. The effects of the spell can be broken by rolling one red die (1d6) per each Mind Point. The characters must roll a total of two ‡6‡s‡, but they do not have to be rolled the same turn. (The Spell ‡Courage‡ cancels out the effect.)

‡ Blaze of Zharr
The Sorcerer calls up a room full of black and green necromantic energy. All characters in the room roll 4 Combat Die, and for each Skull rolled, all LIVING creatures lose 1 BP. The Sorcerer and Undead monsters are unaffected.

‡ Shadow Gathering
When casting this spell, the Sorcerer is surrounded by a swirling maelstrom of shadows, which allows the caster to concentrate his power. This spell has no effect when it is cast, but allows the caster to simultaneously cast 2 spells on its next turn.

° Shroud of Darkness:
The caster envelopes an area within his sight in a magical shroud of darkness. The area must be specified by the caster, and must cover a block 3 squares wide by 3 squares long. The Shroud stops any creature from using a missile weapon into and out of the area, and limits their movement to 2 squares per turn as the fumble in the darkness. The Shroud lasts for 1D6 turns.

° Wither:
The caster causes a target within his sight to wither. The creature loses all but 2 Body Points, and may not move next turn due to weakness. The spell may be resisted by rolling a Skull on a Combat Die, and characters get one for each Mind Point.

° Drain Life:
The caster causes all creatures within two spaces of him to lose 1D6 Body Points each, although they may not be reduced to a total of less than 1 Body Point. In addition to expending this spell, the caster must expend 2 of his own Body Points to complete the incantation. The spell may be resisted by rolling at least two Skulls on at least two Combat Die, and characters get one for each Mind Point.

° Chill Wind:
The caster causes a bone-chilling wind to blow through the area. All creatures along a straight line originating from the caster lose 1 Body Point from the evil wind. The wind extends as far as the caster can see.

Summon Undead: by MB
This spell conjures up a group of undead to protect and surround the spellcaster. Roll 1D6:
1-2= 4 skeletons
3-4= 3 skeletons, 2 zombies
5-6= 2 Zombies, 2 mummies

° Desecrate:
The caster may select up to six squares that he can see, and cause them to be desecrated. All Heroes standing on a desecrated square suffer 2 Body Points and one missed turn. The desecration only lasts during the turn it is cast.

° Summon Plague:
The caster calls forth a horrific plague on one target that he can see. The target loses 1 Body Point per turn until death occurs. There is no antidote. The spell may only be resisted by rolling at least two Skulls on at least two Combat Die, and characters get one for each Mind Point.

Undead Champion
The Sorcerer calls up a cloud of leeching black and green necromantic energy that destroys every Undead creature in the room except one. The Sorcerer may then use all the energy in the cloud to feed into the one remaining monster--which may be any monster the Sorcerer chooses and may not be himself. This one monster then receives the total of all the BP lost by the other monsters in the room. The Sorcerer is unaffected.

Leeching Tendril
The Sorcerer summons up a tendril of necromantic energy that will kill any Undead creature the Sorcerer chooses. For every 3 BP of necromantic energy the tendril absorbs, the Sorcerer regains one previously cast spell. The tendril last for 1d4 turns.

When this is invoked, the caster becomes intangible--i.e. it cannot be touched. A character who is intangible cannot be attacked with non-magical weapons, nor can it attack. An intangible character can also walk through walls at will. Intangibility does not affect spells or spell casting. An intangible character can still be attacked with any Undead Bane weapon (Spirit Blade, or any fire enchanted weapon.

Touch of Leprosy:
With a surge of necromantic energy, you infuse one undead creature with this curse. Any Hero who loses at least one Body Point to an Undead creature with this ability must roll 1D6 per current Body Point. On a roll of 6 the curse is resisted. If not resisted, the victim then loses 1 Body Point until death, at which point they become a Servant of Darkness and cannot be reanimated.


(*) The first thing I want to say is that most of these spells are not mine. While I did edit them, I did not create these spells. Half of the spells were created by J.D. Frazer in his Heroquest II supplement. These spells are marked with a "°". Others were created by "Maleficient" on Old Scratch's Heroquest Forum . You can see all of Maleficient's original, unedited spells here. All Maleficient's spells are marked with a "‡". Aside from that, "Summon Undead" was created by Milton Bradley, per the original HQ Game, while "Intangibility" and "Touch of Leprosy" are original creations.

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