Temporal Spells
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Temporal Spells

Spell Colleges: The spellcasters have devoted at least part of their lives to the magical arts. At the beginning of the game, it is assumed that they have a certain number of spells already learned that they don't have to pay for. I recommend the D.M. give each magic user a certain amount of credit to spend on spells. For Elves and Mages, I recommend 150 gc (Gold Coins), and for Wizards, Seers, and Chronomancers I recommend 450 gc. They may then cast any spell in their repertoire as many times as their manna will allow them to. Spell costs are indicated beside the manna rating of each spell. All spells in this college with footnotes were created by Karnov.

4 Manna Points: 50gc
Haste (1)

The caster may cast this spell on any one character he can "see". The recipient may then take 2 turns for the next 1D6+1 turns. After the spell expires the character is winded and may not attack for one turn. While winded the character may also only defend with 2 defend die.

Unknow Wounds
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself, and causes that Hero's body to Chronoshift back in time, restoring up to 4 lost body points, but will not give a hero more than his starting number.

Slow (2)
You may cast this spell on any character you can "see". It will slow them down to 1 turn every 2 rounds. The spell may be resisted by rolling 1d6 for each of the targets Mind Points. If two 6's are rolled the spell is broken. Spell lasts for 4 turns.

This spell will create a glittering of stardust, and may be cast on any one weapon. This stardust will up the combat strength of the weapon by one combat die, and will light up a radius of 3 spaces. Lasts 1D6 rounds.

Dark Matter (3)
Causes a magical darkness in a 6 square radius. No normal light works in this darkness. Spell lasts for 3 turns. While in the dark you cannot search or used ranged spells or weapons. Any character attacked gets one extra combat die in defense.

Photonic Emission
This spell causes a small burst of magical light to burst from the spellcaster's fingers and hit any one monster they can "see". The light will inflict 2 Body Points of damage. The victim then rolls 2D6, and for each 5 or 6 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

8 Manna Points: 100gc
(4 Manna Points per Body Point of target) This spell will utterly destroy 1 target, chronoshifting them into oblivion. This spell also has a bizarre side effect. For every 4 Manna Points required to destroy a target, it undoes any action performed for one additional turn by the target, including any damage taken from weapons or spells. (4 MP=1 turn; 8MP=2 turns; etc.)
This spell is inspired by Robert Jordan and dedicated to Dawna Mitchell. Thanks Cece!!

This spell devolves any one monster the spellcaster can "see", transforming them into a weaker version of the same monster. A devolved monster loses one Body Point, as well as 1 Combat Die in both attack and defense (will not lower any spec lower than 1). This spell can also be used to automatically reverse the effect of the "Warp" spell on one target. Has no effect on Undead, Elementals, Chaos Forces, or Drow.

Temporal Wrinkle
This spell may be cast on any other spellcaster in the Chronomancer's party. This spell will cause the spellcaster to slip through a temporal wrinkle the next time they cast a spell. this allows the spellcaster to cast the same spell twice in one turn. (Directional spells need not be cast at the same character.)

The Chronomancer may view the room from the eyes of a "Future Self", thus revealing everything in the room without activating the monsters inside.

Stop (4)
You may cast this spell on any character you can "see". Stopped characters can do nothing. Spell may be resisted by rolling 1d6 for each of the targets Mind Points, if a 2 6's are rolled spell is broken. Spell lasts for 4 turns.

Gamma Ray (5)
Causes radiation poisoning to the target. Target loses 1 attack die and 1 Body Point until cured or dead. Spell may be defended by rolling 1D6 per present Body Points. By rolling a total of at least 16 the spell is defended.

Stop Time (6)
At any time the caster of this spell may cast this to stop timer for everyone else on the board. The caster may now take turn. after the turn, time resumes.

12 Manna Points: 200gc
Meteor (7)
The caster summons a large rock from space to hit one target the caster can "see" with 8 Attack Dice. Cannot be defended.

Phase Shift
This spell may be cast on any one bladed weapon or arrow, and causes the item to go slightly out of phase with reality. These phase-shifted weapons go right through armor, and any damage rolled is automatically taken. When the spell is cast, the Chronomancer must roll 2D6: 2-3) Weapon phases out of existence. 4-8) Spell successful. 9-12) Weapon material too dense. Spell fails. May not be cast on Vorpal Weapons.

Meteor Shower (8)
Similar to Meteor. The caster summons up 1d4 smaller rocks from space to hit any target(s) you can "see". Each rock summoned will do 3 Body Points of damage, and may be made to hit one target or separate targets. Targets defend by rolling 3D6 per rock defended. For each 6 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

Wormhole (9)
The caster of this spell may specify any target, including himself, to move to any other space on the board (If he appears in solid rock, he is trapped forever). If the character is not willing to go, they may resist the spell by rolling a 8 on 1D8, one die per Mind Point.

Temporal Casualty Loop (10)
At any time during the game you may use this spell to undo everything that happened back to the beginning of your last turn. (Remember, when you cast this spell, you haven't yet :-> ).

16 Manna Points: 400gc
Dimensional Door (11)
The caster may make a portal to another dimension in any space he can see. Anything on that space is immediately taken to a sanctuary (side board) where a portal exists on that side. Portal remains open for 10 turns. Anything in the sanctuary remains there until removed.

Repulsion Field
This spell allows the Chronomancer to surround him/herself with a force field which will raise the caster's Defend by 3 combat die. The field will also repel any directional weapon or spell (including lightening). Lasts 2D4 rounds.

Big Bang (12)
All characters, including yourself, on the board are hit with 4 Attack dice of damage, undefendable (rolled separately).

This spell puts one target into a state of temporal flux. The target then rolls 3 Combat Die, and for each skull rolled, they lose 1 Body Point. If 3 skulls are rolled, the target disintegrates, killing them.

20 Manna Points: 800gc
Winds of Time
This spell may be cast on any one Dead Hero, and it will revive them. The Hero may reset their Body Points to one.

This spell draws on the primal power of stars and does 2D6 Body Points of damage to all characters in a 6 space radius. This spell will lower the caster to one Body Points, and requires 2 Body Points to cast. characters defend by rolling 1D6 per Body Point, and for each 6 rolled, the damage is reduced by 1 B.P. This spell Will Blow Open any regular doors in range, and characters behind barricades (closed doors, walls, etc.) roll 2D6 per Body Point.

Temporal Duplicity
The Chronomancer draws on their knowledge of time to summon a "Future Self" to join him/her in battle. This "new" Chronomancer is fresh for the fight, and has all of the original's tech specs and full Manna Points. The "future" Chronomancer may only stay in proximity with the original for 5 rounds before his/her presence starts to corrupt the time line and is forced to return.

Black Hole (13)
Makes a small hole in the center of the dungeon at the end of the every one of the casters turn's, it sucks in everything within 6 squares of it destroying it. Pulls everything else in the dungeon 1 squares closer. This spell lasts 1D6 turns before the hole closes again. Hole closes at the same rate it opens. (To simulate this everything getting 1 square closer, just make the Black hole 1 square square bigger. This spell could pretty much engulf the whole universe if not stopped.)


The first note I want to make before I start is that one of the changes that I have made to all of Karnov's originals is that I have upped the manna values by a power of 4. This is to make them comparable to my Wizard/Mage values. Also, whenever necessary, I have done some slight grammatical correction.

1. I have weakened this spell SIGNIFICANTLY. As it was it was massively overpowered.
2. A little rewording, no real difference.
3. I re-worded the spell and did a little explanation as to what the exact effect of the spell would be.
4. A little rewording, no real difference.
5. I upped the defendability of this spell.
6. A little rewording, no real difference.
7. A little rewording, no real difference.
8. I slightly altered the spell to allow the separate meteors to strike one target or multiple targets, and I changed the defend of the spell.
9. In light of this spell being used in an offensive way, I have created a defense against it.
10. A little rewording, no real difference.
11. This spell I did a slight alteration on. I have on my side board a 4x4 room that the portal always opens to. My Chronomancer has this portal open to basically what he has made into a treasure chamber.
12. No Change.
13. I upped the power (whew-wee), and the spell automatically stops and re-closes at end.

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