written by Jonathan Long

Non-Race Specific Characters


Good, Non-proficiency
The unicorn is a creature of pure majik and light. They are pure by nature, and cannot abide evil. A unicorn is a powerful ally, and a dreaded enemy. Unicorns cannot use or wear conventional armor or weapondry, but get an automatic jump over any traps, sprung or unsprung.
Attack Dice3
Defend Dice3
Body Points7
Mind Points5
Feat of Strength16
Feat of Dexterity6
Starting ArmorNONE
Starting WeaponsHorn

Magical Horn: Your magical horn gives you two abilities: teleportation, and purification. Once per game you may teleport to any part of the board that you have "seen". It will also allow you to cast the pure spell.
Mystical Essence: You are a creature of light and Faerie-Kin. You have a natural magical gift. You may cast 24 manna points of magic (or [1D10 x 4] whichever is higher) from the Faerie Spells.

Spectral Chaos Warlock

Neutral, Non-proficiency
You are a creature of shadow and mystery. Once controlled by the forces of Chaos, you learned too late its destructive power. Now, like a hellspawn, you cloak yourself in the powers of Chaos in order to do battle with them.
Attack Dice3-2-1
Defend Dice5
Body Points5
Mind Points5
Feat of Strength7
Feat of Dexterity7
Starting ArmorTao Cloak
Starting WeaponsTao Cloak

CHAOTIC ESSENCE: You are a creature of dark magic & quasi-undead who learned too late the true nature of chaos magic. You may cast five chaos spells (or 1D8 whichever is higher), and you dare no more, for more would drag your mind back to chaotic servitude.*(see footnote)

TAO CLOAK: This magical cloak is saturated in the life force of the wearer, inbuing it with a life force of its own. This cloak serves as both armor and weapondry. When willed to be a weapon, you first roll 1D10. On a roll of 0-1-2 the cloak attacks with one combat die. On a roll of 3-4-5 the cloak attacks with two combat die. On a roll of 6-7-8-9 the cloak attacks with three combat die.


Neutral, Heavy Fighter
You are a Cyborg, half human, half machine. You were hit by a temporal displacement blast and knocked back into a past that is not your own.
Attack Dice3
Defend Dice3
Body Points8
Mind Points5
Feat of Strength19
Feat of Dexterity10
Starting ArmorNONE
Starting WeaponsLazer Pistol
w/ 6 Charges

Mechanical Advantage: Due to your cybernetically enhanced strength and speed, you are a master of hand-to-hand combat, rolling 3 dice even when attacking bare handed. In addition, when you are using any hand-held weapon, you may add two dice to your attack strength.

Temporal Retraction: The Cyborg's internal computer is constantly running and using power. The Cyborg has a special phase that no other character has. At the beginning of his/her "Action" phase, the Cyborg has a "Power" phase. At the beginning of your power phase, you check your Mind Points and roll the appropriate number of dice (see Cyborg Tables 1.1 -1.8). If the Cyborg's power is high enough, he/she may attempt to initiate a "Temporal Retraction", which is an attempt to pull a weapon from the future by use of the temporal technology in the Cyborg's computer systems.

Magical Disruptiveness: You are an anomaly, and your molecules are not quite in sync with this new reality. Because of this, magic disrupts your temporal field, putting you in a state of flux. If you stay in flux too long, your molecules will break up, and you will disintegrate. Because of this, you cannot TOUCH magical artifacts of any kind.The only exception to this rule is Temporal Magic, which affects you the same as any other character. For each consecutive round that you are in physical contact with a magical artifact (this includes potions), and/or have a spellcaster casting spells adjacent to you, you roll +1 Combat Die (i.e. 1 round = 1 combat die, 2 rounds = 2 combat die, etc.). For each skull rolled, you lose 1 Body Point. If at any time you roll three skulls, your molecules scatter and you disintegrate. The Cyborg is equipped with several weapons from his/her own reality. See Cyborg Table 1.9 for details. This has another affect as well. You are not affected by any potions, or any psychological or physiological spells (see Cyborg Table 1.10). You are, however, very susceptible to lightening, as it does double damage, lowering both your Mind Points and Body Points.


The Spectral Chaos Warlock has special leveling rules. Basically, the Warlock is a recovering addict, and they know that they cannot overuse their Chaos magic, or they will be dragged back into servitude by the powers of Chaos. Thus, unlike other true magic users, the Warlock cannot level up his spellcasting abilities. If the Spectral Chaos Warlock upgrades his Mind Points, he gains 1 extra D6 of damage against the following: Acid Spray, Ball of Flame, Chaos Bolt, Evil Eye, Firestorm, Rock Shards. With enough Mind Points, the Warlock can essentially almost become immune to the effects of Chaos Magic.