Magic Rings

Spirit Ring
This ring enables the user to detect any vanished phantoms that are in the room, or within five spaces of the character in a corridor. Whenever an Undead creature comes within five spaces of the wearer of the ring, the ring begins to glow pink.

Ring of Feather Falling
(Boy, ain't this one original!!)
This ring, when worn by a character, will allow them to fall into pit traps with no damage. It will also negate the effects of the pit "Hazard" treasure card.

Ring of Uncertainty
This ring glows with a dull green light, and may only be worn by a spellcaster. If any character casts a "Summon" spell in the same room as the possessor of this ring, the summoned monsters are confused. Each Monster rolls a combat die: Skull=Monster is unaffected; White Shield=the monster assumes the ringbearer is the spellcaster and operates under his/her control until the actual spellcaster dies; black shield=the monster attacks whatever is closest to them.

Ring of the Unicorn
This ring is made of Unicorn horn and will allow the user to cast 16 Manna Points of Faerie Majik per game. It also protects the wearer from Curses and Poisoning.

Ring of Phantom Form
This ring will allow the user to become and remain intangible for 1D6 turns. While intangible, the character may not attack or be attacked, but magical proficiency and resistance are not affected. While intangible, you may ignore all traps, doors, walls, monsters, etc. that lie in your path. If a Hero is in a rock room when they become tangible again they are trapped forever.
May be used once per Quest.

Lightening Ring
This black obsidian ring glows with a dull, throbbing purple light. If a character wearing this ring is hit by lightening, they may defend by rolling 2D6. On a roll of 5 or 6, the damage is reduced by 1 Body Point.

Spell Ring
This ring may only be worn by a spellcaster, and it will allow them to store a spell of no more than 12 Manna Points, which may be drawn upon at any time during the game. At the beginning of each game, the ringbearer must declare which spell they are storing in the ring.

Ring of Defense
This magical ring is made of steel, and when worn it raises your fortitude, allowing you to roll 1 extra combat die in defense.
May be worn by anyone.

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