Custom Characters!!

Do you have an idea for a spell that you just can't get to work right? How about a favorite role-play character that you just can't seem to adapt to the HeroQuest system? Or maybe a favorite sword that you would like to see an Artifact.

If so, then this may interest you. I am offering my services to make custom Artifacts, Characters, Spells, or any other item you may want or need for your system, satisfaction guaranteed.

This is the way it works. First step is to mail me and tell me what you want. My address is pkbro (at) att (dot) net. I will quote you a price. Usually it runs approximately $3 for an Artifact, $3 for a spell, and $6 for a character. 1/2 of that will be mailed in advance, with the other 1/2 sent upon completion. Once I have received the first payment, I will send you an E-mail giving you a progress report and telling you how the project is going. If you like what I have so far, I polish it and send you the final result. At this point the ball falls in your court. If you like what I have done, you send the final payment, and all is well. If you don't like it, then we re-work it... and we continue to re-work it until you are happy with it. "Satifaction guaranteed" means that I don't put the project down until you are happy with it.

And that's basically it. If you are interested, mail me!!