written by Jonathan Long

This is my spin on Mr. J.D. Frazer's "HeroQuest II" supplement , and should not be seen as a work unto itself. Some of what you are going to see is going to be new, and some of it is going to be from Mr. Frazer. I am not trying to take credit for his work, or trying to take away from his work. I have given credit where credit is due, and I hope I haven't missed anything. If you do discover something I have missed, please mail me! Everything done by J.D., changed or unchanged, is marked with footnotes. The footnotes also tell of any changes I have made in J.D.'s originals, and once again I want to say that I am not trying to take credit for J.D.'s ideas. We simply have a differing opinion on some of the characters, and I want to propose my alternatives. One of the big changes you are going to see in my version is that there is no starting armor. Personally, I don't believe in starting armor, so any characters of J.D.'s that had it, it's gone, so don't look for it. That is one thing where I will stick with Milton Bradley. Also, recently I have added some new stuff created by or inspired by Karnov. This I have also tried my best to give credit for. Similarly to J.D., I am offering this expansion to the public free of charge in an effort to add variety to Milton Bradley's HeroQuest game. I am not responsible for anything that may occur should you decide to use these rules, and I will not be held liable for anything related to these rules, HeroQuest, or Milton Bradley. Your use of these rules is an explicit agreement on your part to this disclaimer. If you don't like this disclaimer, don't use or read these rules. Additionally, at the time of this posting, I am not associated in any way with Milton Bradley.

Also, let me say that, while my work is not copyrighted, Mr. Frazer's is!!