written by Jonathan Long


The Qu'Ra are a special breed. To a trained magic user, they pulse with a dull violet light as they draw upon the raw power of life or death as strength. The users of the life Qu'Ra power, known as "Light Warriors", are protectors and defenders of the common man, and wield their weapons with great power and greater honor. These "Light Warriors" are opposed by those who wield the Qu'Ra power of Death. They are known as "Dark Ones", and are every bit as powerful as their Light Warrior brethren.


Light Warrior Guardian

The Guardian is both powerful and noble, matched only by the Paladin in battle and honor.
They are dreaded by their enemies and respected by their allies
Good, Heavy Fighter
Attack Dice4
Defend Dice4
Body Points7
Mind Points3
Feat of Strength14
Feat of Dexterity11
Starting Armor Qu'Ra aegis
Starting Weapons ShadowChaser
Misc Qu'Ra Talisman

Light Warrior Ranger

The Ranger serves as the eyes and ears for the Light Warriors. They are
matched only by the Elven Druids in their skills as an archer and forester.
Good, Light Fighter
Attack Dice3
Defend Dice2
Body Points6
Mind Points4
Feat of Strength11
Feat of Dexterity14
Starting ArmorNONE
Starting Weapons EagleBow
16 Justice Arrows
6 Slayer Arrows
Misc Qu'Ra Talisman

Note: Due to the Light Warrior's close affinity with the forces of life, they are usually found with a level one familiar.


This LongSword has been specially made by the Dwarves of the World's End Mountains for the Light Warriors. They are extremely strong, and have a streak of amethyst going from the hilt almost to the point which the Light Warrior uses to channel his or her own power. When using this sword, you roll 4 Combat Die to attack, both adjacent and diagonal. Also, this sword will allow you to attack the same target twice in one turn. On a successful attack against any Undead character, they lose an additional 1D4 Body Points of damage. ShadowChasers also emit a dull violet glow, and will light up a radius of two spaces.

These bows are specially made by the Elven Archers fo the Lothiern Forests for the Light Warriors. These bows, from a distance, are often mistaken for an eagle with his wings extended, so lifelike is the sculpture. More often than not, the bow has two or three real eagle feathers hanging from the top "wing". Arrows shot from this bow make a strange shrill sound, like the cry of an attacking raptor. When using this bow, you roll 3 combat die to attack, and it allows you, once per game, to cause any one of your arrows to "Screech". These "Screeching" arrows instill Fear in any monster in earshot of the arrow's archer, path, or victim, lowering their attack and defend by 2 (it will never lower a character below 1). Monsters defend by rolling 1D6 per Mind Point, and on a roll of 6, the Fear is defended.

Light Warrior Aegis
This small shield is usually worn strapped to the arm as to free up movement of the second hand. The aegis bears the crest of the Light Warriors, a white background with a violet cross botonée. The aegis also has a core of amethyst and allows you once per game to cast "Turn Undead". All Undead the caster can "see" are turned and cannot make any offensive actions (attacking, spellcasting, etc.) for 1D4 turns.

Qu'Ra Talisman
The Qu'Ra Talisman is a gold cross botonée with a cut amethyst at the end of each branch. This talisman helps the Light Warrior to channel his or her energies to aide them in battle. The Talisman allows them to use each of their abilities once per game.

This Mighty battle axe was fashioned in the forges of Mt. Salamandos by the Dwarves of the World's End Mountains. Possession of a LightBringer is a sign of great respect and honor and is usually only found on the greatest of the Light Warrior Guardians. When using this battle axe, you roll 5 Combat Die to attack. In addition, on a successful attack against an Undead character, they lose an additional 1D6 Body Points. The LightBringer has amethyst in its core, and throbs with a visible violet light which will illuminate a radius of three spaces. The LightBringer may also be thrown at any character you can "see", and it will return to your hand.May only be used by Light Warrior Guardians.

Justice Arrows
These arrows are made by the Elven Archers of the Lothiern Forests for the Light Warriors, and are the favorite of the Rangers. The tips have a vein of amethyst in them, and using these arrows enhances your aim, lowering your target's defend by one.

Slayer Arrows
These arrows are made by the Dwarven Smiths of the World's End Mountains for the Light Warriors. They have a tip of pure, cut amethyst and are the strongest arrows in the Light Warrior's repertoire. When firing this arrow, the amethyst tip enhances the Light Warrior's aim, lowering their target's defend by two dice (will never lower below 1). On a successful attack, this arrow does an additional 1D8 Body Points of damage.


Speed of the Deer:
This Qu'Ra power will allow the Light Warrior the ability to run with great swiftness. They may then roll 2D12 for 1D6 turns.

Eyes of the Owl:
This Qu'Ra ability will give the Light Warrior infravision for 1D10 turns. This infravision will allow the Light Warrior to see heat and sense motion, thus revealing any character in a five space radius.

Heart of the Tiger:
This Qu'Ra power will give the Light Warrior the ability to fight with great ferocity for 1D6 turns. The Light Warrior may then add 1D4 dice to his or her Combat total.

Skin of the Turtle:
This Qu'Ra power will temporarily turn the skin of the Light Warrior to scales, raising their defend die by 1D4 Combat die for 1D6 turns.

Feet of the Cat:
This Qu'Ra ability will allow the Light Warrior to move through spaces occupied by enemies. Whenever they pass through a space occupied by an enemy, they roll 1 Combat Die. On a roll of anything but a black shield, the move is successful. This ability will last for 1D4 turns.

Healing Hands:
This Qu'Ra ability will allow the Light Warrior to heal any one adjacent character by laying on of hands. This power is internal, and will allow the Light Warrior to heal no more Body Points than they presently have. The Light Warrior must roll 1D6, and on a roll of anything less than 5, the heal is successful. Will not raise a character above his or her starting number.