Misc. Armor

Armor restrictions are not assumed. If the armor has no restriction, then that means anyone can use it. Examples of common restrictions:
Can only be used by Heavy Fighters.
Cannot be used by Non-proficiency characters.

Bardes(Horse Armor)
Faerie Chamfron

This headgear was created for the Faerie Steed, and it glows with a dull pink light. When worn by the Unicorn, it allows the character to roll 1 extra combat die in defense, as well as giving the Unicorn a focus, which enhances his/her magical abilities. A Unicorn wearing the Chamfron may up their manna by 12 points.

Shoes of the NightMare
These shoes give the Unicorn 1 extra combat die in defense. They also allow the Unicorn to become intangible once per game for 1D6 turns. While intangible, you may not attack or be attacked, and you may ignor all walls, doors, traps, monsters, etc. that stand in your path. If the Unicorn becomes tangible in rock, you are trapped forever. The shoes will also up the Unicorn's Manna by 12 points.

Crinet of Charlemange
This protective piece of neck armor gives the Unicorn 1 extra Combat Die in defense. Additionally, this crinet bears the royal seal of Charlemange, and will endow the Unicorn with great strength, upping its Attack Die by one and upping it's "Feat of Strength" by one.

Other Armour

Rimbal's Armbands
These armbands were created by a gypsy magician more interested in music and ale than the true pursuit of magic. He created the armbands as a last ditch defense from brigands and thieves. These armbands will give you one extra combat die in defense, and when clapped together, allows you to cast lightening once per game.

Crown Of Sorcery
This protective headpiece may only be worn by a magic user, and gives you one extra combat die in defense. It will also increase the wearer's manna points by 16, and make the wearer immune to the "Command" spell.

Clerical Circlet
The possession of this protective piece of headwear is said to be a sign of great favor. The circlet may only be worn by a clergyman, and has three effects. The wearer's Mind Points go up by one, their defend is raised by one, and their prayer rolls are raised by one. No character in possession of a sacred artifact may be cursed.

Helm of the Halfling
This small helmet can only be worn by the Gnome, giving him one extra combat die in defense. It also makes the Gnome immune to "Fear", "Cloud of Chaos", and "Command". See Chaos Spells for details.

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